Ditty Twitter is saying goodbye…

I’m sorry to announce that due to Twitter’s new API policies, limits, and expenses, Ditty Twitter is no longer able to continue.

To give a little insight on this decision, I spent multiple days updating Ditty Twitter to use Twitter’s OAuth 2.0 (which is becoming required), and finally got it working! But, I quickly realized that even though I’m now paying $100/month for API access (which was free before) that Twitter has limited apps to only pulling 10,000 Tweets per month. This is individual Tweets, not API calls. Also, it is not based on each user who authorizes the app (which is 15 api calls per 15 minutes), but for all users using the app combined.

Just in my own testing on a single day, I pulled over 800 tweets. This pulled more tweets than a normal user would, but it became abundantly clear that the limit would be reached within a couple days or less once all users started using this endpoint.

So, I’ve decided that Ditty Twitter needs to go on indefinite hiatus, and possibly just be dead in the water. There’s no point in having a product that is going to max out it’s usage in a couple of days or less. The next pricing level for Twitter would allow Ditty 300,000 tweets/month, but it also costs $5,000/month!!! At this point Ditty Twitter is not earning enough to even cover the current $100/month.

Please take the time to disable Ditty Twitter from your website so you are not loading unecessary code or files.

Thank you for your support and for using Ditty and I hope Ditty can still find a place on your website.

Sincerely, Joe Anderson – Metaphor Creations