We are excited to finally open our own digital store! We are currently only selling WordPress plugins that were previously sold on CodeCanyon, but we will be gradually adding new plugins as well as new and existing themes (sold on ThemeForest).

As the store grows we will be adding more WordPress products as well as Concrete5 products.

Metaphor Creations Store

New store pricing, licenses and renewal policies

One of the main reasons we decided to open our own store was to have more control over product pricing. When selling through the Envato Market the price for each item was left up to the discretion of whichever reviewer happened to review the product upon first submission. Another major reason for the shift was to have more control over product licensing. Metaphor Creations strives to provide quality product and support and in order to continue doing so we decided to add yearly license renewals (at a discount). We have also added tiered licensing to provide discounts on multiple site licenses. Here are a few of the changes:

  • Automatic yearly license renewals – Product licenses will automatically renew each year at a 30% discount of the initial sale price. Automatic renewal can be cancelled at any time.
  • Tiered pricing structure – All products will have licensing options of 1 site, 2 – 5 sites, and Unlimited sites.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in making a little extra cash for yourself, register to be an Affiliate and help promote our products. All sales that are generated from your referral link to earn you 20% of the purchase amount.

Envato customers

For the next year all Envato customers who create an account and provide a valid Envato purchase code for their products will receive a free one-year license for the corresponding product hosted here. You will need to renew your license (at a discounted rate) after one year to continue receiving updates and support. This offer will end on June 15th of 2017, or until Envato discontinues providing existing purchase code validation (whichever comes first). 

Click here to submit your existing Envato Purchase Codes.

Terms and Conditions

Be sure to read through our Terms and Conditions!