Take control of your content.

Adding dynamic content to your site without being tied down to a specific page builder has never been easier! Ditty is the next generation of Ditty News Ticker, taking all the good parts, users suggestions, new ideas and rolling it into a new package. You can still create a sweet news ticker, slider or list just as before… But, with better control and more options.

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Default Ticker Example

Create scrolling news tickers that grab your user’s attention.

Default List (Slider) Example

Create lists and sliders with a multitude of display options.

Live Updates

Ditty will update in the background for users without the need to refresh the browser. Keep your content fresh and engaging.

Live Editing

See the changes you make while editing your Ditty as you make them. Add Items, edit Layouts and Displays and see what it looks like before saving.

Global Rendering

Easily add your Ditty globally on your site, anywhere, without modifying theme files. Want a ticker scrolling at the top of your site, no problem!

Mix & Match Content

Combine multiple content feeds or custom content in a single Ditty. Merging custom default Items and feeds from various Ditty extensions together has never been easier.

Customized Displays

Render your Ditty as a custom ticker, list, slider, or other Display through extensions. Customize multiple settings to show your content the way you want.

Customized Layouts

Take control of the the style of your content. Every Ditty Item type can be customized to reflect the style of your site. Use a pre-made template, or edit and customize to your needs!