Ditty Plugin

Formerly Ditty News Ticker Plugin

Adding dynamic content to your site without being tied down to a specific page builder has never been easier! Ditty is the next generation of Ditty News Ticker, taking all the good parts, users suggestions, new ideas and rolling it into a new package. You can still create a sweet news ticker, slider or list just as before… But, with better control and more options. Ditty is WordPress plugins top data display plugin.


The Top Display WordPress Plugin

Beautifully display anything and everything with Ditty! From news feeds, social media posts, blog articles, podcast feeds, and more, the Ditty plugin does it all. We are the leading data display plugin on the market with over 50,000 active installations and 5-star ratings. Choose from the list, grid, carousel, or slider display for your content, and take advantage of our responsive design to make sure your site looks great on any device.

Ditty Ticker

Create a scrolling carousel that grabs your user’s attention. This ticker effect will give your webpage a modern look and feel. You can add your social feed, text, gallery, and more with ease. Custom CSS options allow you to completely control the behavior and look to match your website’s aesthetic. With auto-updates, your ticker will update whenever you post something new!

Ditty Default List (Slider)

Create lists and sliders with a multitude of display options. Whether you are looking for a basic slider or want to customize a list of news, events, social media posts, or images, Ditty gives you complete control to add the perfect auto uploading slider to your website. Plus you can use the custom CSS options to make it look exactly how you pictured it.

Ditty Grid

Finally, a grid display option that gives you creative control! Display your website content in a completely customizable grid. From social media feeds to blog posts and more, the Ditty is the top grid plugin on the market. With auto-updating options and CSS customizations, it’s the only display plugin you need.

The Ditty Plugin’s Features

Live Updates

Ditty will update in the background for users without the need to refresh the browser. Keep your content fresh and engaging.

Live Editing

See the changes you make while editing your Ditty as you make them. Add Items, edit Layouts and Displays and see what it looks like before saving.

Global Rendering

Easily add your Ditty globally on your site, anywhere, without modifying theme files. Want a ticker scrolling at the top of your site, no problem!

Mix & Match Content

Combine multiple content feeds or custom content in a single Ditty. Merging custom default Items and feeds from various Ditty extensions together has never been easier.

Customized Displays

Render your Ditty as a custom ticker, list, slider, or other Display through extensions. Customize multiple settings to show your content the way you want.

Customized Layouts

Take control of the the style of your content. Every Ditty Item type can be customized to reflect the style of your site. Use a pre-made template, or edit and customize to your needs!


Get access to all ditty extensions with a single license.

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Want more out of Ditty? With Ditty Everything you get access to all the Ditty extensions from social media feeds to image galleries and more! Ditty Everything will take your content displays to the next level. With Ditty’s clean interface and customization tools, you’ll never need another display plugin for your website. It is the WordPress plugin that you love, but with more features.


Features List


ditty (Free Version)

Display Types
List (Slider)
Item Types
WP Editor
WP Posts Feed (Lite)
WP Posts Feed
WP Post
RSS Feed
Facebook Feed
Facebook Images
Facebook Post
Instagram Feed
XML File

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Seamless Integration with Your Favorite WordPress Builders

Our plugins are compatible across all WordPress builders, plus e-commerce and multisite options! With an added shortcode option for each data display plugin, you can display your data with ease.