Ditty v3.1.41

Ditty v3.1.41 adds an optional pause button to your tickers. Check out the video below for more info.

Had a user reach out to me asking to add a pause button to the Diddy news ticker Display type similar to what I had going on with the legacy Diddy news ticker So I added that in recently and I’m just showing you here quickly how that works.

I set up a sample news ticker here with a couple custom images and an Instagram feed and if you go over to the display tab and you’re using a news ticker, scroll down to the bottom you’ll now see a play pause button check box.

Just click it there and you’ll see it show up down at the bottom. You can see the functionality here. Currently this is the only setting I have added for this.

You can style it. There is a class you can target which I will show you here right now. Switch over to here.

See it’s still working. I’m just going to open up my developer tools here. And DiddyPlayPos is the class name you can target.

I’m just going to add some inline styles here to show you some options. So you could position it. Down to the bottom right.

Let’s give it a tad bit a little drop shadow. So something like that. But you can do whatever you want with it.

You can change background color, change position, uhm this more or less just gives you the functionality to add this to your site.

So users can pause and restart up your ticker as they feel the need