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Over the years I have made continual updates and improvements to Ditty, but usually without any direction besides what I wanted to do with it. My goal has always been to build a dynamic product that is user friendly, easy to use, and truly provides functionality that is useful to users and adds value to your site.

The best way for me to accomplish this is to get your direct feedback. Positives, negatives, and any and all suggestions. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! As a thank you for taking time out of your day, you will be provided with a 15% off coupon to use for the initial purchase of any Ditty products. Thank you!

Provide a url to show how Ditty is used on your site.
How can Ditty be more useful to you? What would make it easier to use? What functionality would you like to see added to Ditty?
For example: TikTok videos, Spreadsheet data, WooCommerce products, etc...


Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions! Your feedback is valuable to the continual growth of Ditty.

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