Using dynamic images

You can dynamically populate image blocks in your template using merge tags from your forms. Dynamic images can be populated with the following forms fields:

  • Input field that contains a URL to an image
  • File Upload field, with the following specifications:
    • Only use single upload fields. No multi-file upload fields.
    • You must limit extensions to jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

Add dynamic images using the Image block

  1. Add an Image block to your template.
  2. While it is selected, open the Block editor sidebar and change the Mode to Dynamic.
  3. Select a merge tag in the Merge Tag drop down.
    • If you want to add a specific merge tag from a form that isn’t mapped to an Email Customizer global merge tag, select Add a Custom Tag and add your merge tag to the Custom Merge Tag field.
  4. Select the Add Default Image checkbox to add a default image for instances where an image is not added by the merge tag.
    • When this is selected, use the normal image upload/replace functionality to set an image for the Image block.
Dynamic images