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Previewing your templates

  1. While editing the same for you added the template to, select the Entries tab at the top of the page.
  2. Preview on your site.
    • Hover over the data in the first column of your entries list and you’ll see a link similar to “Preview Notification“. If you have multiple notifications you’ll see links for each one.
    • Click on one of these links to open a new tab showing a preview of the template populated with that entry’s data.
  3. Send an email to yourself.
    • Click on the text in the first column to edit an entry.
    • In the Notifications section on the right side of the screen select the checkbox next to the notification you want to preview.
    • Add your email in the “Send To” field. *If you do not add a custom email here, the email will send to the original notification recipient.
    • Select Resend.

Additional resources

Use the links below for more information and guidance on adding blocks. Keep in mind that these articles are general information related to the WordPress Editor and building with blocks. Gravity Forms Email Customizer does not utilize all blocks or functionality due to the limited capabilities of emails.

WordPress Editor