RSS Feed

Last Updated: February 4th, 2022
  • Click the pencil icon on the left to change the item type
  • Click RSS feed
    • RSS is a web feed that allows users to access updates from different websites. By subscribing to RSS feeds and then creating a Ditty for your webpage, you can display and keep track of many different websites in a single aggregator, which constantly monitors the different feeds for updates.
  • Click the first icon on the right to edit you RSS feed Ditty
  1. Feed URL: add in the RSS feed URL you would like to have displayed on your website
  2. Limit: Set the limit to the amount of feed items to be displayed
  3. Offset: This is where you can set when the RSS feed is going to start (example: if you want the 2nd RSS feed post to display first offset with a 1 and so forth)