RSS Feed

Last Updated: July 20th, 2022

The RSS Feed Item type allows you to add an RSS feed to your site.

Editor Settings

The following settings are located on the settings panel for the RSS Feed Item type. Hover over your item and select the Edit icon to adjust your settings.

  • Feed URL – Add the RSS feed URL.
  • Limit – Set the number of feed items to display.
  • Offset – Set an offset from the latest feed item.
  • Link Target – Set a target for your links.
  • Link No Follow – Enabling this setting will add an attribute called ‘nofollow’ to your links. This tells search engines to not follow this link.

Layout Tags

The following tags are available to use with the RSS Feed Item type. Read more about what Layouts are and how they are used here: What are Layouts?.


  • {author_name} – Render the item’s author name.
  • {categories} – Render the item’s categories.
  • {content} – Render the item’s content.
  • {custom_field} – Render a custom field for the item.
  • {excerpt} – Render the item’s excerpt.
  • {icon} – Render the item’s icon.
  • {image} – Render the item’s image.
  • {image_url} – Render the item’s image url.
  • {permalink} – Render the item’s permalink.
  • {source} – Render the source of the item.
  • {time} – Render the item’s date/time.
  • {title} – Render the item’s title.

CSS Selectors

  • .ditty-item__elements
  • .ditty-item__author_name
  • .ditty-item__categories
  • .ditty-item__content
  • .ditty-item__custom_field
  • .ditty-item__excerpt
  • .ditty-item__icon
  • .ditty-item__image
  • .ditty-item__image_url
  • .ditty-item__source
  • .ditty-item__time
  • .ditty-item__title