Last Updated: February 4th, 2022
  • Click the pencil icon on the left to change item type
  • Click Image
    • Image Ditty allows for you to choose a custom or WordPress image to display
  • Click the first icon on the right to edit item
  • Here there are two options:
    • Image Type: Select the type of image to display
      • WordPress: Choose an image from the WordPress library
      • Custom: Add in a custom image
    • Image: Upload or select an image
    • Check the box to add custom image data
  • Link Settings:
    • Link: Add a custom link to your content. You can also add a link directly into your content
    • Link Title: Add a title to the custom link
    • Link Target: Set a target for your link
    • Link No Follow: Check the box to add “nofollow” to link
      • Enabling this setting will add an attribute called ‘nofollow’ to your link. This tells search engines to not follow this link