The Image Item type allows you to custom images to your Ditty.

Editor Settings

The following settings are located on the settings panel for the Image Item type. Hover over your item and select the Edit icon to adjust your settings.

  • Image Type – Select the type of image to display.
  • Image – Upload or select an image.
  • Add custom image data – Check to add custom image data. If left unchecked, data attached to the Media Library attachment will be used.
  • Image URL – Add a URL to an image.
  • Alt Text – Add the alt text for the image.
  • Title – Add a title for the image.
  • Caption – Add a caption for the image.
  • Description – Add a description for the image.
  • Link – Select the link type for the image.
  • Link URL – Add a custom link to your image.
  • Link Title – Add a title to the custom link.
  • Link Target – Set a target for your link.
  • Link No Follow – Enabling this setting will add an attribute called ‘nofollow’ to your link. This tells search engines to not follow this link.

Layout Tags

The following tags are available to use with the Image Item type. Read more about what Layouts are and how they are used here: What are Layouts?.


  • {author_avatar} – Render the item’s author avatar.
  • {author_bio} – Render the item’s author bio.
  • {author_name} – Render the item’s author name.
  • {categories} – Render the item’s categories.
  • {caption} – Render the item’s caption data.
  • {content} – Render the item’s description data.
  • {icon} – Render the item’s icon.
  • {image} – Render the item’s image.
  • {image_url} – Render the item’s image url.
  • {permalink} – Render the item’s permalink.
  • {time} – Render the item’s date/time.
  • {title} – Render the item’s title.

CSS Selectors

  • .ditty-item__elements
  • .ditty-item__author_avatar
  • .ditty-item__author_bio
  • .ditty-item__author_name
  • .ditty-item__caption
  • .ditty-item__content
  • .ditty-item__icon
  • .ditty-item__image
  • .ditty-item__image_url
  • .ditty-item__permalink
  • .ditty-item__time
  • .ditty-item__title