Facebook Images

Last Updated: February 4th, 2022

Facebook Image Extension: This allows the user to display images from Facebook

Facebook Images:

  • Click the first icon on the right to edit the item
  • This is the area to edit what is displayed from the Facebook images
    • Feed Source: Select the feed source for the photos needed
      • Photos of you
      • Your photos
      • Album
    • Album ID: Add the album ID
    • Limit: Set the number of photos to display
    • Offset: Set an offset from the latest post

Ditty Facebook Image is set to a default image layout. The user can choose to change the layout by following the steps as shown below:

  • Click edit layout
  • Click the double arrows

Choose which layout from the list below:


How to set timing:

  • Click the third icon on the right

Choose to set the timing by dates, days, or daily:


You can clone your Ditty Facebook Image by clicking the clone icon as shown:


Delete the Ditty by clicking the trash icon as shown:


Re-arrange all your Ditty’s by clicking the Re-arrange button as shown:


For more information about how to install and activate Facebook please see Ditty Facebook