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WPML Integration

Translating Ditty with WPML only takes a few quick steps.

1. Install WPML Multilingual CMS & WPML String Translation. (Purchase WPML from https://wpml.org/)

Required WPML plugins for Ditty

2. Edit your Ditty and click on the Translation tab.

3. If you are editing an existing Ditty, click Refresh all String to send custom strings to WPML.
4. Click Translate Strings. This will open the WPML String translations page in a new tab.

Translations tab while editing Ditty
Ditty strings list in WPML string translations screen

5. Click on the + symbols under each language flag to edit your translations.
6. Translations string will save automatically when you switch languages or hit enter.

Translating Ditty strings

7. Make sure you have Ditty added to all translated pages of the post/page you are displaying Ditty on.
8. That is it!