Settings Tab

Configure the general settings for individual Ditty on the settings tab.

Post Settings

Configure the Ditty post settings.

  • Title – The title of your Ditty
  • Shortcode – Copy the shortcode and paste into the content of you post or page.
  • Status – Set the Ditty as Active or Disabled.
  • Ajax Loading – Load the Ditty via ajax to ensure latest Ditty updates are shown on the site. When enabled, only the container div of the Ditty is rendered on page load and the contents are loaded into the container via ajax afterwards. This ensures that users are seeing the latest updates. When not using the ajax loading method the content will render on page load and would be cached by caching plugins. So, if there are updates to the Ditty, they may not show until the page cache is cleared.
  • Live Updates – When this is enabled, Ditty will check for updates to the Ditty at the interval specified on your Ditty > Settings page (Live Refresh Rate). If there is an update, it will update the Ditty while a user is currently viewing the page without have to refresh the page.

Preview Settings

Configure the Ditty preview settings. These settings only affect the preview of the Ditty and it’s container when editing the Ditty.

  • Editor Width – Set the width of the editor. This will automatically update if you drag the editor width (desktop view).
  • Editor Height – Set the height of the editor. This will automatically update if you drag the editor height (mobile view).
  • Preview Background Color – Add a background color behind the Ditty to preview what it will look like on a similar background on your site.
  • Preview Padding – Add padding around the Ditty to preview what the Ditty would look like with padding around it on the front-end of your site.