Global Ditty Rendering

Adding a Global Ditty

Using the global Ditty render method allows you to add your Ditty anywhere on your site without using shortcode, blocks, widgets, or theme customization.

  1. In you Dashboard navigate to Ditty > Settings.
  2. Select the Global Ditty tab.
  3. Add an HTML Selector, which you can find by using your web browser’s Inspector panel. I suggest using an element with an id attribute as classnames can be used multiple times on a single page. If you need help opening your browser’s Inspector panel check out this link: https://blog.hubspot.com/website/how-to-inspect
  4. Choose the Position for your Ditty, relative to the HTML element you’ve used as the Selector.
  5. Select the Ditty you want to display.
  6. Optionally, choose a custom DisplayCustom ID, and/or Custom Classes to your Ditty.
  7. Select Save Settings.
  8. Check out the front-end of your site to see your Ditty!