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General Settings Page

Ditty Settings:

  • General:
    • Live Refresh Rate: Set the live update refresh interval for your Ditty
    • Layout Posts: Edit Layouts directly as post types
    • Ditty Display Posts: Edit Ditty Displays directly as post types
  • Global Ditty:
    • HTML Selector: Add a jQuery HTML element selector to add a Ditty to
    • Position: Select the position of the Ditty in relation to the HTML selector
    • Ditty Ticker: Select a Ditty you want to display globally
    • Display: Optional: Select a custom display to use with the Ditty
    • Custom ID: Optional: Add a custom ID to the Ditty
    • Custom Classes: Optional: Add custom classes to the Ditty
    • ** You can add more global tickers if needed**
  • Layout Defaults:
    • When new item types are added to the site with extensions, the extensions with have a default layout already chosen that best fits the type of extension (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) but that can be changed on this page as seen below
  • Layout Templates:
    • This page shows what type of layout templates are installed or need to be updated
  • Display Templates:
    • This page shows what type of display templates are installed or need to be updated
  • Advanced:
    • Ditty News Ticker check box: This will enable loading of all legacy scripts and post types. Only enable this option if you have active Ditty News Ticker posts displaying on your site. You must refresh your browser after saving before changes take place.