Adding Items

Select item type

  • Every new Ditty will load with the item type selection panel open. This panel displays all the possible item types you can add to your Ditty.
  • Select the item type you want to use. For this article, we will use the Default item type.
  • Select the Add [item type] button at the bottom of the panel.
  • You will now be shown the item edit screen. Every item type will have a Settings tab and Customize tab. Some item types will have additional tabs for additional settings.

Settings tab

This panel contains the general/main settings of the item type. Each item type will have its own group of settings, but item types can share data if they contain the same setting keys. For example, text added to the Content field of the Default item type will flow into the settings of the HTML and TinyMCE Editor item type if you change the item type of the current item.

Customize tab

This panel contains settings to modify the layout of the item. Every item type contains a set of dynamic data (layout tags) that is used to render a layout. You can use this panel to disable specific tags from rendering, or to modify the attribute values of those tags. These settings should mainly be used to tweak unique aspects of your layout for specific items. If you are using the same layout modifications for multiple items, you should create a new layout that can be attached to all of those items without the need to set these values individually on each item.

  • Click the checkmark next to each tag to toggle visibility.
  • Click the gear icon to open the available attributes for each tag.
  • If you want to modify an attribute, click the pencil icon next to the attribute name. This will open a field to set a custom value for the attribute.

* Keep in mind that this tab will list all possibly layout tags available for the item type even if the tag does not exist in the layout being used for the item. If a tag isn’t being used in the layout, the adjustment to that setting in this panel will have no effect.

Custom item label

At the bottom of every item type settings panel is a Label field. This is an optional field you can use to override the default label added to each item that is displayed in the items list.

Changing the item type

At any time, you can switch the item type of the item you are currently editing. Just click the Change Type link next to the item type label of the editor. You’ll then be able change your item to any other available item type. If the new item type shares any setting as the previous type, they will populate with the same values.

Ordering items

To arrange items added to your Ditty go to the Items list panel and simply drag and drop items in your desired order.

You can also utilize the Display Item Order fields to affect the display order of your Ditty items. Options include:

  • List – Display items in the order they are arranged in the Items list panel.
  • Timestamp – This is helpful if you are displaying feeds of data (like blog posts, or social feeds) and want them to be ordered by date regardless of source.
  • Random – Randomize the order of items on each page load
  • Descending – Show items from top to bottom, or newest to oldest
  • Ascending – Show items from bottom to top, or older to newest