Ditty Images

Ditty Images allows for a user’s to display an assortment of images. The image can be uploaded, chosen from the WordPress library, or a custom image.

Install the Extension

Activate Your License

  1. In your dashboard go to Ditty > Extensions
  2. Copy and paste, or type in, your license key on the License panel for the extension.
  3. Click the checkmark button to activate the license.

Create a Ditty

  1. Go to Ditty > Add New.
  2. Click the Change Type (pencil) icon on the first item in the Items list to show the Item Type selection panel.
  3. Select Image as the Item Type:
  4. Back on the Items panel, hover over your Item and select the Edit Item icon to edit the settings for the Item.
  5. Modify the settings to your needs and click the refresh button to see your changes update live in the Ditty preview.
  6. Click the back button to go back to the Items list.
  7. Hover over your item again and select the Edit Layout icon.
  8. Select the Change Template icon to view a list of available Layouts to use for your Item.
    • Click on the various Layouts to see how they effect the rendering of your item.
  9. You can also modify the HTML and CSS of your selected Layout by click the Edit HTML or Edit CSS icons. Select the refresh button after editing to see your changes.
  10. More information about Layouts can be found here.
  11. Select the Display tab to select a different Display for your Ditty, or to modify the existing Display.
  12. More information about Displays can be found here.
    • A list of all available Display Types and their documentation can be found here.
  13. Select the Settings tab to change the title of your Ditty and other various settings. Click here for more information.
  14. Click Save Ditty to save your Ditty!