How do I use the Mixed ticker Type for Ditty News Ticker?

Last Updated: September 16th, 2022

The Mixed ticker type is used to display a ticker containing multiple (other) ticker types in the same ticker.

  • First you need to switch to the ticker types you want to use and set up the data for each.
  • After setting up the data for your other Types switch back to the type.
  • You then need to manually add the number of ticks you want to display on your Mixed ticker.
  • For each Tick you need select the “Type” of tick you want to display.
  • Then you also set the offset of that type. The offset starts at “0”, which would be the first tick that would normally display if you ran your other ticker types. An offset of “1” would be the second tick that would normally display, and so on.

So, if you have the Twitter & Images tickers and want to display the first 3 ticks of each alternating between Twitter and image you’d set up your mixed ticks like:

Twitter – Offset: 0
Image – Offset: 0
Twitter – Offset: 1
Image – Offset: 1
Twitter – Offset: 2
Image – Offset: 2

You also have the ability to show “all ticks” from a select ticker type as one of the mixed ticks. To do this select the “Display all ticks:” checkbox as opposed to setting an offset. This way you can easily add all of your Twitter ticks (if you have the Twitter extension installed) combined with a couple of your Default ticks.