Scroll Mode Settings

Last Updated: December 28th, 2021

Scroll mode creates a standard news ticker that can scroll left, right, up, or down.

Scroll Settings

  • Scroll direction – Set the direction you want the ticker to scroll.
    • Show first tick on init – By default, the ticker starts off-screen, but you can enable this setting to force the content to start on-screen.
  • Tick dimensions – Set a specific width and height for the ticks. When using a vertically scrolling ticker the height will define the overall height of the ticker.
  • Scroller padding – Add custom vertical padding and margins to each of your ticks.
  • Scroll speed – Set the speed of the ticker. You may need to try different speeds to get optimum results when using different fonts.
    • Pause on mouse over – Enable the checkbox to pause the ticker when user’s have their mouse over the ticker.
  • Tick spacing – Set the amount of space that should be rendered between the ticks within your ticker.