Rotate Mode Settings

Last Updated: December 28th, 2021

Rotate mode creates a data rotator similar to a standard image rotator. Ticks can fade in/out, slide left, slide right, slide up, or slide down. Customize the speed, easing and navigation to your needs.

Rotate Settings

  • Rotation type – Select the rotation type.
    • Dynamic slide direction – Enable this checkbox to reverse the slide direction when previous items are selected.
  • Tick dimensions – Set a specific height for the ticks.
  • Rotator padding – Add custom vertical padding and margins to each of your ticks.
  • Auto rotate – Enable auto rotation of your ticks
    • Seconds delay – Set the amount of time each tick should display.
    • Pause on mouse over – Force the rotator to pause when the user hovers over the ticker.
  • Rotate speed – Set the speed of the rotation based on tenths of a second.
    • Rotate easing – Choose the type of easing you want to use when the ticks rotate.
  • Directional navigation – Enable the directional navigation.
    • Autohide navigation – Set the navigation to auto-hide when the user is not hovering over the ticker.
  • Control navigation – Enable the control navigation and choose the type of display.
  • Disable touchswipe – Disable touchswipe navigation on touch devices.