Global Ticker Settings

These settings will be used no matter which ticker type or ticker mode you use.

Global Settings

  • Display title – Show or hide the title.
  • Inline title – Float the title to the left. Only use this in scroll mode.
  • Randomly shuffle the ticks – Shuffle the ticks that are set to display.
  • Remove margin and padding from all tick contents – Force all margins and paddings of tick contents to “0”.
  • Add a play/pause button to scrolling and auto-rotating tickers – Allow user’s to start/stop scrolling and auto-rotating tickers.
  • Ticker width – Set the width of the ticker. This usually isn’t needed as the ticker will auto-size, but may be necessary in certain situations.
    • Leave blank or set to “0” if you want the ticker width to be responsive.
  • Offset ticks – Set the amount of pixels ticks should start and end off the screen. Used for scrolling and rotating tickers.
  • Display ticks in a grid – Choose to display the ticks in a grid for any mode.
  • Render empty rows – Choose to render empty table rows.
  • Force equal column width – Force the columns of your grid to be equal widths.
  • Columns – Set the number of columns for the grid.
  • Rows – Set the number of rows for the grid.
  • Cell padding – Set the padding for each grid cell.
  • Remove padding on table edges – Remove padding on the edges of the grid.