Posts Ticker Settings

Posts Ticker Settings
Posts Ticker Settings
  • Post type – Select the post type to display. If you need to show multiple post types you can override this with an advanced query arg to show multiple post types
  • Post format – Select the post format to display. Only available for posts.
  • Post limit – The number of posts to display. Set the value to -1 to show all posts.
  • Orderby – Set the the Orderby value of the posts
  • Meta Key – Set the meta key value if ordered by meta_value or meta_value_num
  • Order – Set the order direction of the posts
  • Advanced settings – Enable advanced settings. Set advanced query data for your posts ticker. Please view the WordPress Codex for more information on WP_Query options.
    • Query Args – Set basic query arguments.
      • Use the + button to add multiple args.
      • Parameter – Choose the parameter.
      • Value – Set the value of your argument. Use commas to split the value into an array.
    • Taxonomy Args – Filter your query by custom taxonomy arguments
      • Taxonomy – Add the taxonomy you wish to use.
      • Terms – Add the terms to filter the query by.
      • Field – Select the taxonomy term by the selected value.
      • Operator – Select the operator to test.
      • Children (Include children) – Select whether or not to include children for hierarchical taxonomies.
    • Taxonomy Query Relation – Choose the relationship between multiple taxonomy arguments.
  • Post item arrangement – Enable/disable and arrange the order of the post assets to show. Choose settings for each item.
    • Click the heading of each post item to toggle the display of the item (enable/disable the item).
    • Click and drag anywhere in each item heading to re-arrange the items.
    • Post date – Select to display the post date.
      • Date format – Set the format of the date.
    • Post thumbnail – Select to display the post thumbnail.
      • Thumbnail size – Select the thumbnail size. Only registered image sizes will show up here. If you change the thumbnail, medium, or large sizes,  or add additional custom image size, make sure to regenerate your thumbnails using something like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/
      • Permalink – Link the thumbnail to the post.
    • Post title – Select to display the post title.
      • Link to post – Link the title to the post.
    • Post excerpt – Select to show the posts excerpt.
      • Excerpt length – Set the length of the excerpt, in characters.
      • Excerpt more – Add custom ‘more’ text to the excerpt. If you wish to add a permalink to the post with your ‘more’ text, add curly brackets {} around the text you wish to create a link with. Example: …{Read more}
      • Permalink – Llink the full excerpt to the post.
    • Post content – Select to show the full posts content.
  • Custom Fields – Set custom fields to add to the Post item arrangement section.
    • Use the + button to add multiple custom fields.
    • After adding a custom field you must save your ticker to make it appear in the Post item arrangement section.
    • You can then enable/disable and re-arrange the custom field like all other items.
    • Custom field – The name of your custom field.
    • HTML element – Wrap your custom field data in an html wrapper.
    • Links (Convert links) – Convert any urls within the custom field into links.
    • Link target (New tab) – Open links in a new tab or window.