Image Ticker Settings

Image Ticker Settings
Image Ticker Settings
  • Image size – Select the size of image you want to display.
  • Image links – Select to enable the links for each image.
  • Image titles – Select to enable the titles for each image.
  • Image descriptions – Select to enable the descriptions for each image.
  • Caption position – Choose the location of the image titles and descriptions.
  • Caption display – If the caption position is an overlay position, select this to only display the caption when a user hover’s over the image.
  • Images – Add an unlimited number of images to display
    • Use the + button to add multiple custom fields.
    • Click and drag anywhere in the image field header to re-arrange images.
    • Image – Select to choose and image.
    • Title – Add a custom title to the image
    • Description – Add a custom description to the image
    • Link – Add a custom link to the image
    • Link target – Set the target of the link
    • No follow – Add rel=”nofollow” to the link