Facebook Images Settings

Facebook Images Settings
Facebook Images Settings
  • Facebook images – Add handles of the albums you would like to display.
    • Use the + and x buttons on the right to add and delete handles. Drag and drop the heading for each handle to re-order your handles.
    • Handle – Add the Facebook handle. Make sure the handle type you have selected in the drop down is correct.
    • Type – Select the type of album the handle relates to.
  • Image options – Set the number of images to show per feed and the size of the images.
    • Images per handle – Set the number of images to display for each handle.
    • Image permalink – Add permalinks to the images
    • Default style – Apply the default css included with the plugin
  • Image caption options – Set the display options of image captions
    • Caption position – Set the position of the captions
    • Caption elements and order – Toggle the display of image element. Drag & drop to re-order.
      • Date – Display the date of images.
        • Format – Set the date format.
      • Caption – Display the caption for images.
      • Album title – Display the album title for images.